ibiza is unreal. i could safely say it is unlike any other place i have been to, or i’d even go far enough to say that it unlike any other place in the world. all that hype going on here…. is worth it.

it’s a 24/7 party island. i don’t think the people visiting or staying there ever sleep. and if they do, i wonder how and when {??}

we stayed at jet apatmentos. the rooms were not the best, but looking back i wouldn’t have traded our experience there for any luxury hotel. the pool at jet has a pool party going on every day from 12 pm to 12 am.

it’s filled with people young and old {i kid, i kid.. only young, who are we kidding?} who are friendly and always looking to get to know each other.

we went to ushuaia beach club which is one of the best clubs i have ever been to and watched david guetta, axwell, ingrosso and allesso play live {their departure tour}

we also watched carl cox play live at space.

it was one of the best experiences i’ve had {specially because we were almost in the front row and because i had missed the swedish house mafia one last tour back when they played in India}

on day 2 at ibiza we visited a beautiful island called formentera. it is about a 40 minute boat ride from ibiza. the beaches of formentera are untouched and have the clearest waters. turquoise and green. we swam in the ocean and ate at a shack on the beach. cycled through the island got lost and found our way again. but isn’t that the best way to discover a place?

when it was finally time to leave ibiza, i was relieved. don’t get me wrong .. i loved ibiza but me or my body wouldn’t have been able to handle it for another day. that’s the kind of place it is. 3 days was all i could take.

it was one crazy experience. everyone should go through it once in their lifetime if they can.


^^ view of the island from the flight^^



^^ our hotel pools. one was the party one and the other the relaxing one. i loved both ^^


IMG_20140716_155035^^ what we ate all day, every day in ibiza. more so because this was the only cafe which had free wi-fi. and also vegetarians don’t really have many options in ibiza ^^






^^ formentera. and yes that IS pink water. how does it get more beautiful than this? ^^





^^ ushuiaha beach club.. watching david guetta, sebastian ingrosso, allesso and axwell play live ^^

p.s. if you ever do end up going to ibiza, do go to passion cafe and have their banana cinnamon milkshake. i’m still craving it and have been looking for recipes online ever since we’ve been back.

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