ellipses (saturday brunch edition)

diwali was a lot of fun this year. it felt much more festive than usual. my sister’s in the city and that may have had a lot to do with it.

plus this year A gave me a diwali gift. and got one for my mum too. which was cute because we don’t really do diwali gifts at my house. suddenly with just one day to go, i was left thinking about what i should give him.

so on new years day i went to three different shops all over town looking for the FIFA15. because that’s one game i knew he really wanted {he’s a play station fan} but unfortunately it wasn’t available in any of the stores. {which was great because later when i told him he said his play station wasn’t working anymore, see there’s always a reason why things don’t work. we just don’t SEE it then ;)}

so then i settled for the next best thing on his list of favorites: FOOD!

we went to ellipses on saturday for brunch. as we had heard so much about their brunch menu {my previous post on ellipses here}


^^ he had the animal burger {which is a double patty beef burger} and he claimed that it was the best they serve in town^^


^^ ever since i watched the movie chef  i’ve been wanting to eat grilled cheese. so that’s what i ordered. and it was melt in your mouth good. without being too cheesy or boring. it was perfect ^^


^^ we shared the chicken tacos. which were soft tacos and really juicy and delicious.^^



^^ after we met with the chef {who is adorably sweet} and he suggested these deserts c/o ellipses. we loved both the chocolate chip pancakes and the parmesan cheesecake and even though i’m not too much of a desert person i finished my pancake entirely in a few minutes ^^

so all in all it ended up being a great idea for a diwali gift.

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