FREEDOM (not really :p)

So on Wednesday we had a mid week break from work! it was independence day. My friends and me decided to celebrate our freedom (from work? haha) on tuesday night. Few of us went to café zoe this cute little café/ bar at todi mils. I love that place. It has this great great vibe to it. Its hard to not enjoy ther (have you been there? You must) after zoe we went to this club close by, called tryst. so when we were entering tryst they let us all in (without an entry fee) as a friend knows the manager but they did not allow a girl friend because she was wearing a kurti :o (she’d come from a mba college meet) and THIS on independence day! irony much? Anyway eventually we did all manage to enter and have a great time

On wednesday I went for brunch to celebrate mum’s birthday (which was the day before). We went to novotel for brunch. it is such a pretty place. And the food was good too.

All in all we did manage to celebrate our independence day very well indeed. happy independence day everybody!!

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