we spent three whole days here.

our trip, as was unanimously agreed by all three of us, was all about food and relaxation. and that’s exactly what we did. we went to good restaurants, slept, swam and played mono deal.

all of us have v hectic city jobs and this trip was planned to get away and come back rejuvenated.

galle was just the perfect place for that. it has numerous good restaurants and spas. some of the ones we liked the most were, the closenburg hotel poolside bar, peddler’s inn pizzas and the amangalla hotel restaurant.

we also enjoyed just walking around the fort area and visiting its boutique shops. we ended buying some fun {a.k.a hippy} clothes, curios and lots of bath and body products at the spa Ceylon.


^^ lunch at amangalla was gnocchi, sri Lankan chicken curry and watermelon salad ^^


^^ can’t remember the names of the drinks but every drink we tried was SO good {but hard on the wallet} ^^


^^ us. outside amangalla ^^




^^ view from our table at the closenburg hotel. unfortunately we forgot to take pictures outside the pool area {signs of a really good time} but its a MUST go ^^



^^ galle fort sunsets ^^


^^ pesto pizza at the peddler’s inn cafe^^

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