goa + birthday times + how he proposed ;)

we went to goa to celebrate my birthday. A and I and a few of our friends.

we stayed at this BEAUTIFUL place called ozran heights beach resort. now that i’ve discovered this place i don’t think i’m going to stay anywhere else in goa. it’s so calm and isolated but still right where all the action is.

i’ve always loved goa during the rains. it’s such a great time to visit. not very crowded, not very commercial and the perfect weather!

we spent most of our time at the hotel. it has it’s very own zaffran restaurant. so the food scene was sorted.

on sunday {one day after we got there and day before i turned 28}, A and i went for breakfast and then for a hike outside our hotel. we climbed down the rocks and sat by the ocean. it was fun and beautiful and once we got back to the hotel he said he had something to give me. i thought it was my birthday gift, but he came back went on his knees and gave me the prettiest diamond ring i’ve even seen. he designed it himself {!?} and said the sweetest thing.

after he was forced to repeat the whole act {kneeling et all} at brittos at lunch in front of all our friends and the rest of the patrons. there was a lot of hooting, claps and pictures. i turned red {because i’m not very good at being in the spot light!}

at night he took me to the banyan tree restaurant at taj village {vivanta} for a very special birthday dinner. we had the thai curry, chicken salad and an amazing bottle of french rose wine.

it was a PERFECT day and i have go e through the events of the day over and over again a 1000 times since then..have to pinch myself sometimes!

this trip will by forever be my most memorable one. and i know i’ve said it a bajillion times already but – inspite of his moodiness and temper tantrums and that fact that i’m almost pulling my hair out once a week because of our silly arguments – i love him and am so v grateful that he came into my life. at the very right time.




^^ the hotel <3  the rooms are all standalone cottages with a beautiful porche over-looking the sea^^



^^ hiking {okay mini hiking}in to the ocean ^^


^^ the ring!!, i haven’t put a picture of my hand wearing it as i may have the ugliest hands in the world {also they weren’t manicured ;)}


^^ after lunch at brittos we went for a massage at sukho thai next door^^


^^ birthday cake, right before we went for dinner to the banyan tree ^^

such a perfect day!

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