my office colleague and good friend aditi got married this weekend at goa.

it was such a fun wedding. and absolutely different from any other wedding i have been to before.

firstly because the groom and bride actually seemed to be having a blast. they were so calm and chilled out the entire time. 12 am on the night before the wedding (which was at 7 am) they came to our room in their swimwear and said guys get dressed it’s pool party time. i feel how a wedding is, says a lot about the couple itself. and this is one crazy fun couple.

also we were some of the few indians at the wedding. and  the other guests were from all over the world. there were guests all the way from nigeria, estonia, washington d.c., taiwan, singapore, netherlands, london and many more.

they were such a fun and enthusiastic bunch. ideal wedding guests. with no hang ups and always willing to participate in all activities no matter how alien some of the traditions might seem to them.

it was great getting to meet and then get to know each of the guests, personally. and learn about their experiences.

lastly it was a small intimate wedding (not more than 50 guests) – which is my favorite kind of a wedding. too bad i can’t have that for myself but i am happy for anyone who can.

it’s going to take me a few days to get over this weekend. till then all i have his my last few days of notice period to distract me ;)





^^we stayed at this charming portugese villa called palacete rodrigues it was a 10 minute walk away from anjuna beach and had beautiful antiques and rooms. perfect for the intimate wedding^^


^^ need a ride anyone? the host couple had rented around 10 – 12 bikes for the guests to use to explore the city during the day. i was strictly off bikes this trip {due to an impending wedding ;)} but walking out to this site of these colorful bikes was something else^^




^^ pool parties at the villa pool which went on all day all night. i kid not^^


^^ the happy couple!^^




^^ FINALLY got the chance to visit thalassa, goa. the food was exactly how i heard it would be. we had the kalamata olives, the chicken souvlaki, fried cheese and the gyros.^^


^^ i even made my roommate come with me to ozran heights next door, the place where A proposed to me a few months ago on my birthday. read here.^^


^^ and they are hitched!!^^

cannot be happier for the married couple…

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