Haldiram + baby showers + march madness

last week i was in delhi for three days. for work. and it was COLD.

but i spent most of the days indoors. at the client’s office. it was a bummer that we didn’t get a chance to visit the city.

we did however get a chance to visit haldirams one night. we got done at 9 pm this one night and rushed back to make use of the early night ;)

i’d heard so much about haldirams from a few work colleagues and it was great to finally get to visit and try out the food.

we had the raj kachouri, black dal, makke ki roti and sarson ka saag (not pictured) and the chole bhature (not pictured).


^^ this meal alone may have made my delhi trip worth it^^

have you read this article about haldirams? it’s pretty cool.

also last weekend, we visited a baby shower.


my friend chandni is having a BABY. the first of all my friends to announce it.

it’s great and i can’t wait to have a kid amongst us. you do know about my crazy love for kids right?

but it’s also a tiny bit freaky. every day events take place that make me realise that i’m not as young as i’d like to be….

in other news, its march soon and i’ve noticed how things always get so tensed at work come year end {financial year end}

everyone’s SO edgy. and down each others throat. i’v never really understood it. and it’s not my most favorite energy to be around.

but the other day i read this article on a cup of jo {which also happens to be one of my favorite blogs} and it really inspired me.

it’s about women at work and advice and tips from few of the most successful women in their field.

go girl power!

happy monday



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