on making decisions…


i’m at this stage of my life where a whole lot my future depends on the decisions i make now.

we all come across those times once in a few years. too many of those kind of decisions for me this year alone

first i decided who i wanted to spend the rest of my life with {and you’d think that would be enough for the year right?? decade even} and now it’s a different kind of decision.

SO often i’m overwhelmed by how successful and ambitious people around me are. it’s pretty great actually. this city gives me something to be inspired about every other day.

so much so that so often i feel what i’m doing is not enough. that i need to work harder. do more. to not be too complacent.

but it just works me up more. and i get even less done. SO i’ve decided to go easy on my self.

and realise that no decision is right or wrong. we’re all different people and good in our own way.

and luckily i’m surrounded by the BEST KIND of support system.

people who’d be happy with whatever decision i make for myself.

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