happy christmas and …#weddingfever

happy christmas everybody! what good deed did you do on xmas?…

i ask because on my way back from work on christmas eve i saw this taxi driver with a bag full of chocolates and he was distributing a chocolate each to all the street kids and wishing them ‘merry christmas’. the kids were all beaming. he was their very own santa. such a good idea

see how one chocolate can make such a big difference to those who can’t afford to celebrate christmas at all? i’ve decided to do this every christmas. i hope i keep up to it though.

last week was one very very busy week, hence the lack of blogging on my part. my friends were getting married! it was such a blast.this might sound cliched but i love how there’s so much happiness in the air during weddings. the bride and groom had tears in their eyes during the rituals.

though attending the functions, day and night, took a toll on my health and.. on my work. never the less it was completely worth while.

congratulations chintan and chandni!

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