has october come early this year?


living sans parents has made me realize how much more comfortable life is with them around. i miss them already.

but will be seeing them soon, so no worries.

the other night i was at home alone and i could swear i heard someone in the house. i woke up 3 different times and tip – toed out of the room using my cell phone as my torch. and my emergency number kept on dial mode just in case..

and then the night before i was watching t.v. in my parents room and the bathroom toilet flushed on its own. i think i almost fainted.

this whole living alone thing does not go well with me. it’s creepy.

i think i need a pet. that doesn’t bite, purr or is cold blooded. any ideas? { dogs !?!}

mehak came home last night to give me company and we made a pretty cool scrap book. that girl has more talent then she giver her self credit for. i’ll post about what we made soon. xoxo

p.s. although this picture has no relation to the post. it neon. alifya used this amazing neon app on her phone {that’s her in the back} so it stays.

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