have i mentioned that i love my job??


right now i’m experiencing vorfreude {(n.) the joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures.}

not really sure if i’ve used the word correctly but i’ve been wanting to use it a while.

my v. cool office is taking all of us to amsterdam and belgium!

i almost didn’t blog about it in the fear of jinxing the whole thing {but then decided for it because i really needed to be more grateful about this place and what better way to do that than tell you how much i love it right???}

i have been pinching my self all weekend.

also the vibe in my office is just crazy right now. no one’s getting any work done around here anymore.

p.s. i consciously decided against writing the name of my organization in fear of a stream of applicants.because i’m really not ready for all that competition right now

i kid, i kid!

have a great work week.


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