we spent a night at heemskerk. in between brussels and amsterdam.

we weren’t getting a good place to stay at amsterdam because of last minute change in travel plans so our travel agents booked us at the NH heemskerk marquette.

when we got there it was dark and deserted. having arrived at night.

also the road was too small for our bus and we had to drag our suitcases and baggage a long way to get to the hotel. we used our mobile phones to guide us through the dark.

but once we got there we were glad to have spent a night + half a day in this beautiful ‘village’ should i call it?

it was calm and serene and there were sheep and ducks! and tiny canals.

it’s an hours drive away from amsterdam.

and the hotel had great breakfast too.

it was a perfect break to our otherwise crazy trip. and it’s always fun visiting such offbeat places.

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