hello monday

my mind is so beautifully blank on most mondays. so much so that i don’t have much to write about in this little blog.

the good thing about that is that i try to make my life more interesting so that i have something to blog about the rest of the week. i start planning my week ahead. and try to think of all the fun things i can do that i could post.

i start reading interesting, positive articles that i could link for others to read

oh and have i mentioned before that at work we start our monday’s with a 9.30 am office meeting to discuss latest legal developments?

so all in all monday is actually pretty cool in my world. it’s the day that i find most inspiring.

here’s a cool article on the most hot qualities people can have. i love all of them and i think we should all try having some if not all.


^^ and here’s a tyler knott gregson poem i fell in love with ^^

have good day and a better week!! xoxo




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