here comes september…


september is going to be a good month. it’s already started of SO much better than what august was.

also this month i travel to munich. for the oktoberfest. apart from munich we are also visiting innsbruck and salzburg which are both just a 2 hour train ride from munich.

just looking at the pictures gets me excited. i can’t wait to visit.

while i was surfing the net the other day i decided to check out the weather in and around munich while i visit. google says it should be between 15/ 20 to 5/10 (highs and lows) during the period.

it made me think about winter wear {i’m from mumbai so anything below 20 is winter wear for me} i’m pretty bad about the whole winter/ fall fashion thing. not sure i know how to put together outfits for the cold considering i’ve never had to before.

so i spent hours on pinterest and other fashion blogs trying to figure what people wear or what the new fall trends were. but then i read this blog post and i really connected with what she says. about focusing on the girl inside rather than the clothes outside and trying to think about how i want to feel rather than look. how i want to come across to people around me and even strangers.

warm, comfortable, happy, a bit sporty and a bit girly.

and i immediately thought of long coats, loose sweaters, leggings and ankle boots. now i can’t wait to buy those. since i don’t have any.

also on a different note, the place i am most looking forward to visit {besides oktoberfest, ofcourse} is innsbruck {see pic above} my parents visited this summer and they loved it.

i CANNOT wait!

september is going to be a good month!

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