humans of new york

here’s a poem from my very own human of new york ;) so grateful that i have her in my life.

this poem is so beautiful and probably the nicest thing any one has and ever will write for me.

“Courage is difficult to come by,

 You try to look for it in weird alleys and mountain tops,
You try to find it in someone’s face,
Their habits and demeanor,
But it’s just one of those mysterious things,
That is elusive and beyond one’s reach.
So I took a step back and asked myself,
What is courage and where does it reside?
And I thought of someone I’ve know for over a 100 years,
Who is practical on the outside but just as scared on the inside,
Who does not give up in any endeavor and puts in all that she can,
To make the life of people around her better.
I’ve always been a little emotionally shy, scared to take a leap of faith,
To make tough calls and go on the path less trodden,
But as I see her now, I understand what courage is.
Because life is always tough for the people who don’t choose the easy path,
They get the brickbats and the scorns, the downhill turns and frequent frowns,
The one thing that they earn from a hopeful few who want to live their lives by some values,
Is Respect and Awe- real hope that maybe you could be as courageous as her too.
Through dreadful conditions, she stands tall and bears the wind,
And learns to be courageous by remembering,
That it will be tough , it will be slow, long drawn and winding,
But at the end, she will get it all- she’s seen it happen before, 
Time and time again, when she was brave and stood her ground,
Cos true happiness is meant for a seldom few,
A few like her who have the courage to get there!”
by a columbia b – school student {sounds familiar?}

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