i think i fall in love a little bit….

it’s been a while since i have posted.

maybe i have writer’s block or nothing interesting to really write about.

life’s been smooth. and not very many events happening around here.

karishma came down for the week. and mehak and harsh for engaged.

and i got reviewed. which went well so all in all. i’m happy.

today i saw this quote on pinterest and i think it might have been written for me.


also i’ve made a to-do list of this financial year. top things on my to-do list. i need to plan a vacation soon. be more grateful. and MOST important, try to appreciate the good in others because lately i haven’t been very good at that. oh and also take more pictures!

and in other news — this is completely off topic but a few days ago i came across this article on break ups. it’s hilarious. and i might have done all of them at some point of my life. why dint i just come across this article when i actually needed it ;)?

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