i think i maybe live to eat and not the other way round


^^ we went to indigo deli for lunch yesterday. sunday lunches has become a family ritual for us. i love them. oh and this pizza is one of my favourite in the city^^


^^ and this burger was pretty good too.  dad finished it in 5 mins flat. and he generally isn’t such a fast eater. so i’d know^^


^^ and my parents and I. they look so cute here. i love them and i cannot say that enough. so bear with me^^

we had a great great meal if you ignore the grilled veggies (seen in this picture} my mum insisted on calling for. i’m not a fan of healthy food.

also not seen in this post but have you tried the thai curry at mai tai?? it’s my favourite thai curry in the city currently. and yesterday evening i may have had the whole bowl on my own.

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