if 50 million people say something foolish it is still foolish

this post is about all sorts of randomness.

the odd post heading is actually from one of my favorite chapters of this new book i’ve been reading called ‘the art of thinking clearly’ . it’s a book which gives you a lot to think about and learn {and let’s pretend i did not just start reading it JUST because it says on the cover that it’s ‘a million copy bestseller’ …because that would go against the whole point of the title wouldn’t it??}

often, i find myself succumbing to other people’s views or caring too much about what others think of my choices. to the point that i start doubting my own choices too.

that needs to change. and i’m on the right path with this book on this fateful monday morning. finally.

also i read this article this morning on medium about whether we are all living an authentic life.  it was insightful and has  some word exercises that came along with it which helped make things so much clearer.

…. and now for the food part of this post {because no post here in complete without food right?}

last week we took my sister to so many restaurants in mumbai. the one’s that she’d been wanting to go to {she’s coming to mumbai after 2 whole years so there were a lot on the list} we went to burma burma, out of the blue {she wanted sizzlers because apparently no restaurant in new york serves them}, the big kahuna {formerly trader vic’s mai tai lounge} and the masala library.


^^ we had the cottage cheese in paprika sauce at out of the blue {we asked them to replace the rice with noodles} and let me confess – i’d almost forgotten how much i LOVE sizzlers ^^


^^ the customary family picture outside masala library. the first time we went to masala library we dint come back very happy.but this time around we were much more satisfied. special recommendations: the assorted bread platter, the pesto kababs and the ghewar cheesecake.^^


^^ on sunday a few friends and i went to the tapped beer fest at woodhouse gymkhana, colaba and the waffle sticks from the waffle house were AMAZING.  they came in all these different flavours. i tried the apple cinnamon and was not disappointed^^

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