i’ll let the pictures do the talking

my cousin mancy and me lunched at ellipsis yesterday.

since it was janmashtami and we had an off. and i have been wanting to go to that place even since before it opened  and i read about it online.

we had carrot soup with grilled cheese, pan seared chicken, eggs benedict, chicken sliders and not one but two desserts.

it was SO good but a little heavy on our pockets. worth it anyway.

and we caught a glimpse of the matki breaking too. there’s so much energy on the streets during festivals. that’s what i love about mumbai.

any way…

in other news -  i ended the day watching titanic on star movies with alifya. at home.and can i say that – i can watch that movie a 100 times and still love it as much?!

it is SO good. specially the scene towards the end of the movie when the ship is sinking and rose refuses to get on the boat i love love love how she tells jack

“you jump, i jump remember?”

that scene makes me cry every single time. happy tears of course ;)

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