last night few of us went to the indigo deli at bandra. at first we had decided to go to lemon grass cafe since i haven’t been there in a while and it used to be one of my favorites but since every body seems to be on a diet these days, we changed it to indigo last minute.

it was fun. for some reason i had been hearing that this is one of the better indigo’s in mumbai but i will have to disagree. i like the colaba one so much more.

we had roast chicken with mash potatoes, the mushroom, tofu and spinach burger, caesar salad and lots and lots of green tea {that’s diet food for you}

all of us together caught up after so long. it was a riot. we pulled each other’s leg and laughed the whole time, because that’s what we do most, when the five of us meet only because we’ve been friends for almost 10 years now and we know that deep down we love each other ;)

wednesday night outings make me want to go to work on thursday. fall refreshed and excited.

i mean as excited as you can really be at work if you know what i mean.


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