we spent two days in innsbruck. which i felt was sufficient considering innsbruck is a small town and i think we pretty much saw all that there was to see and ate at all the places there were to eat at.

everywhere you go in innsbruck you get an amazing view of the bavarian alps. its a popular ski resort in the winters and the town is filled with sport shops.

innsbruck is also  the fifth largest city in austria and has a population of only about 120,000 people.  most of its residents are students who study at the innsbruck university. so basically what i loved about this city is that it has a very young vibe to it and is filled with young people just having a good time. there are cute little bars all over the city and the commercial places are buzzing at 1 am which is very unlike the other small cities we visited.

this one night (i think it was a wednesday) we went bar/ club hopping to almost 7 different places (all listed below) and although the bars were all buzzing and filled with students we noticed that at 12 am all the three clubs that we entered were empty. not sure why that was? but we had a great time nonetheless. i’m all about the bars these days. clubs just don’t do it for me anymore. signs of ageing i guess.


^^ view of our hotel room. i kid you not. its the dark green building and we were on the second floor. can you see it? ;) we stayed at hotel schwarzer bar which was great {you cant really go wrong with that view} though i’m not very sure how you pronounce its name and had a hard time explaining the taxi driver. till we finally found the booking copy in our handbag somewhere.^^





^^ beautiful innsbruck. notice how you can see the alps on the background  in almost all of the pictures. it wasn’t planned. it’s just that they are every where! a bit overwhelming if you ask me.^^



^^ in and around the innsbruck university. i mean imagine coming here to learn and study everyday. i don’t think i’d ever have complained if i was studying here.^^


^^ the golden roof. one of the most famous landmarks in innsbruck. and around where all the night life is. at least the ones we went to.^^



^^ apple strudel! innsbruck is famous for these. we finished ours in a few seconds. also have you watched inglorious bastards? i’ve been wanting to eat an authentic austrian apple strudel ever since i’ve watched that movie. we got ours at capriccio and as you can see from the picture it was deelish!^^


^^ the pizza at pizzeria crocodiles is drool worthy. it even has lots of vegetarian options. which is rare. but i’ve already mentioned that.^^




^^ we had a great meal at krahvogel. it seems to be one of ‘the’ places to be at in innsbruck. even tried the tequila infused beer, which was different ^^


^^ cafe moustache, dedicated to all the famous people who have moustaches, was one of the most fun bars we visited. must try the schnapps.^^



^^ breakfast club, is one of the best places to have breakfast at in innsbruck and this right above was one of my favorite meals ever ^^




^^ elferhaus, was recommended to us by a lot of locals when we asked them where we should be going at night. it was packed and buzzing at 1 am. and is right next to the golden roof.^^



^^ an impromptu rock concert on the streets in protest of the ISIS war in syria^^

apart from the ones above we also checked out kaiserstube {a restaurant which is open till 4 am and serves traditional austrian food} prometheus {a night club, right next to golden roof, which serves 1 euro jager shots} stadtcafe and after shave other night clubs all walking distance from the golden roof which are both supposed to be great but were pretty empty when we were there. maybe just a bad day.

and now you have made it to the end of this very long post! we loved innsbruck <3

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