it’s a love hate relationship sometimes….


the other day we went to salt water cafe. one of my favorite places to go to in mumbai. we were all girls and after dinner at around 12.30 ish ananya and i came back home on our own. we took a taxi. and we weren’t scared or anything. it could have been 8 am for all we cared. that’s how mumbai is {atleast – has been – for all  25 years of my life} which is why i love it.  in spite of all its negatives it has SO many more positives. the climate, the people, the sea, the food and most importantly the way we have handled all calamities in the past (remember 26/11 and the mumbai sprit?} .

and then i read this. my heart goes out to her. it could have been me, or any one of us. it scared me. i’m not naive and i know it’s happened before but just reading about it everywhere and hearing about it so much has instilled this whole new fear in me. am most definitely going to buy a pepper spray or a tazer like now. and if you’re a girl you should too.

this blog isn’t about current news or social issues, but i’ve been thinking about this the whole day so….. decided to blog about it. sometimes this city gets you down. it disappoints you. scares this weekend in the midst of rekindling my love for the city. which is my home and my love. i’m sure it wont take long to love this city again and more importantly to love it’s people back again.

let’s make a deal mumbai, surprise me and go back to being your old self again?

and on a lighter note.. here’s a picture of my mum and dad in washington dc. how cool are they? now i know where i get it from..


happy weekend xoxo

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