it’s been a long time.

i’ve been super irregular about updating this space and i am going to make an effort to improve.

it’s time i go back to  documenting all my favorite moments more often than i do. it’s important and it’s a part of my ‘being grateful’ resolution for this year.

January has been good – generally it’s my least favorite month of the year {isn’t it everyone’s?} – but this year it’s been good to me.

we’ve spent most of this month location shopping for the wedding {which by the way is one of the MOST stressful things i’ve done all my life} i wonder how come no one’s warned me about this before?

a few days ago Adi came over and cooked grilled chicken for me {i think he was making up for one of our fights;)}.

he marinated the chicken in basil, garlic, salt + pepper, mixed dry herbs, curd and olive oil. then after leaving it on for 30 – 40 mins he sauteed the chicken in a pan with some olive oil +mushrooms + garlic. covered it with the lid and let it cook for another 15 – 20 mins.


^^ marinated chicken minus the curd ^^


^^look at him taking his cooking so seriously^^


^^ i just watched with my glass of wine the whole time ;) – in my defense i DID offer to help but he’s just a tiny bit controlling in the kitchen^^


^^ and voila the finished product! – it tastes SO much better than it looks – i promise ^^

it was  just like the grilled chicken we order in restaurants. i love how much i learn about cooking being around him. he makes everything look so easy. new year resolution —> cook more often. it’s so much easier and cheaper than eating at a restaurant!

and now about the time i broke that resolution ;) the very next day…

jinal and i decided to try out this new bar we’d heard SO much about – the good wife.

it’s at the deutsche bank building at bandra kurla complex. which is SUCH a good building. i’m contemplating applying to some of the offices in the building for THAT reason alone {i kid, i kid!}


^^ we tried the potato and goat cheese gnocchi – which was REALLY good ^^


^^ and the green garlic rissoto – which is good if you like your food garlicky ^^

and now to put an end to this VERY long post  – i maybe almost completing my resolution of visiting at least 2 places i’ve never visited before every year  —- by february alone! so many exciting events coming up.

can’t wait to share all the pictures with you.

hope you have a great week.


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