it’s been a whole year.

since i started blogging. it started of so randomly and its been so easy to do this time and again.

so it’s like my blog’s birthday {is there such a thing as blog birthdays?}

when i look back through the archives, i think of how much i’ve changed since i first started blogging. this past year has probably been one of the most formative years in my life, yet.

if there’s one thing i’ve learned this past year it’s – things dont always work out the way you plan for it matter how hard you try or resist. somethings {as much as we may hate to admit} are not within your control. life throws at you curve balls. so much so that sometimes you find yourself feeling lost, confused or even defeated. but then you look back in time and you’re GLAD things worked out differently.

because however cliched it may sound – there is something better in store for you. always. better than what you had planned for yourself. you realise that over time {sometimes a few months or it might take even a few years} but it happens.

…this past year was SO good. sure i’ve had my bad days, weekends and even minutes. but i have the best support system in the world {the people in my life. my family, friends and relatives}

so when the good outweighs the bad by a gazillion fish what’s there to complain about really??


^^ picture taken last night at barking deer. pooja’s birthday. i love how she shares it with my blog. because they both have one thing in common for sure. they make me happy ^^

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