it’s times like these when i might actually love coming to work

IMG_20131101_175530 i’m a sucker for pretty things, you see. and watching ankita make this on our office door step was the perfect start to what turned out to be a great day. she is SO good, if only i was half as neat as her…. diwali is officially on at the v house {that’s not really the name of the firm but i like calling it that. just because…} happy diwali you guys ! .. and without meaning to sound preachy {and after promising that i will try to do my bit too} …. we hope this year you try sharing your diwali pleasure with everybody around you. specially the ones who may not be as fortunate. buy your maid a gift, give your watchman some sweets or crackers {for his kids} or just help them while they go about their daily chores. ANY small gesture to put a smile on their face. because they deserve to be happy this festive season as much as you do. spread the love <3 xoxo

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