it’s true ..

… laughter IS the best medicine.

honestly i never really got what they meant by that in school.

but then i grew up AND they got the comedy store to mumbai.

i finally get it.

last sunday we went to the comedy store. it was SO fun. we maybe laughed the whole time.

even during the not-so-funny-jokes. there was just something in the air.

or maybe laughter is more contagious than i thought it was.

i think i might have stumbled upon the BEST medicine for sunday evening blues {which btw, in my opinion, are so much worse than monday morning blues}

SO want to go there again next sunday. you are free to join me. i always like company. random company in this case.

also we went to mai tai for a late sunday brunch. the food is SO yummy {i’m not being biased because of my excess love for that place}

p.s. i’m starting to notice the pattern here. can’t go two days without blogging about food. yes i think i live to eat and not the other way around.

p.p.s  met my newly wedded friends chintan and chandni. they look so happy. who says marriage takes the fun out of a relationship?? i disagree.

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