just when things were getting a bit dull around here ..

i mean i had almost forgotten it’s december.

and just then on a tuesday afternoon at 3 pm jinal called me while i was at work and told me this beautiful thing.

her boy friend of 10 years, sahil, proposed to her. on a horse cart {a.k.a ghoda gadi}. at marine drive.

he called her down her office during lunch break and she went down to see him in a horse cart. the fancy one.

and then he told her to get on to it. and took her to marine drive and there in front of so many people and under the scorching sun he went on his knees and proposed to her with the most beautiful ring. and flowers. and a speech. and she has tears in her eyes. or so she told me.

but i would too. and if there’s one thing i can say about this is that she deserves this. they deserve this. they are the cutest, most fun loving, crazy and dedicated couple i know and i can’t imagine them ever not being happy with each other.

congratulations jinal and sahil. may you’ll be happy forever xoxoxo


^^ that’s the couple at their engagement ceremony this sunday at apicius ^^


^^ how pretty is the bride to be looking??^^



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