so remember my goa post? well i decided against it because of my work commitments.

but we still wanted to have a great #lastweekof2012. so alifya, karishma and i decided to book a room at the trident, BKC. and you know what? BEST decision ever. trident had these great ‘end of the year offers’ which are pretty reasonable.

we had such a good time. we swam, went to the spa, had an amazing breakfast (waffles, eggs, cupcakes et all!), ate amazing food (pesto pizza and thai crunch salad) and had a few friends over at our room for a ‘mini pre-new year party’ (which the hotel staff dint take too well considering the amount of times they knocked on our door complaining about the noise). irrespective it was one of my favorite weekends of 2012 so mission accomplished.

we kind off felt like we were out of mumbai, even though we were pretty much in the heart of it.

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