leap of faith

Accept that there will be whole swaths of you that will always seem like a mystery. There will be things that may never make sense. There will be questions that may always go unanswered. Despite this, you must stop questioning the steady sense of knowing your body somehow delivers to you anyway. Even when logic would seem to defeat it, and your mind is combating it furiously. That knowing is your truth. That knowing is what you have to act on without sound reason. We call this the leap of faith. Learn to take it

i love this. i believe in intuition too. somethings just seem right, while others don’t. and it might make little sense logically. but somehow you can just tell. it’s a vibe. it’s a comfort you feel from within. we should all recognize it and follow it. without questioning it.

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and also read this. don’t get deceived by the title. it’s beautifully written. so much so that it gave me goosebumps.


^^^ this picture has no connection to the post. but my brother in law is in town and since he’s a pretty cool guy and one of the smarter people out there in the world, he deserves his picture to be up on the blog^^

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