let’s talk about the weather..

i DO know that the weather topic is generally brought up when you have pretty much nothing to talk about. but that’s not the case here. and you already know that.

i’ve been ill this past week. spent my entire weekend in bed. and that has something to do with the weather in bombay this past week. what is with it?

why is everyone falling ill?? but no complaints. because i love winter in bombays and also i love my bed.

and continuing with my 100 happy days tradition that i talked about earlier. here goes…


^^^ #happyday3 – swetcha, my building friend surprised me with some taco bell at home. she left the package at home while i was at work. did you know that taco bell is now open in bombay??!! i mean apart from the fact that it’s all the way in goregaon, i am SO happy about it. it is 2 hours away from home but i have amazing friends who home deliver it so i’m not complaining ^^^


^^ -#happyday4 – i managed to go to gym yesterday. finally. after what seems like eternity. and they were playing what happens in vegas. what better way to work out?? {p.s. ignore the blurriness, appears i’m not that good at taking pics while im running.}^^

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