life lately….

hello hello.

it’s been a while. i forgot how much i enjoyed this. writing about random things going on, mainly positive of course.

also we happen to be in the midst of a pandemic, and i happen to have more time than usual. so here goes…

if you had told me in January that in a few weeks we would all be asked to sit at home, locked-in, for more than 4 months (yet) i wouldn’t have believed you and more importantly i wouldn’t have believed i would survive it without losing my mind. BUT, we are almost august now, and 4 months in, and things are actually okay. good even.

we are managing. enjoying this time even.

we get to spend more time at home with families, discover neighborhood parks (which embarrassingly we never got the change to in spite of almost 5 years of living here), and learn new hobbies (cooking and painting).


^^ birthday gift from A. it was really a dream gift, with all my favorite grocery and skincare products in a basket. we had some chips (pringles), chocolate, wine, gin, lip balm, moisturizer and tons of other things i love ^^


^^ we’ve been playing a whole lot of board games, also these frozen dimsums are the bomb and our go to snack at all time of the day ^^


^^ have been catching up on things i’ve always wanted to do but never had the time to. there’s something about painting – it is so therapeutic and relaxing ^^


^^ mumbai during the rains is just so dreamy ^^



^^ a cute little park next door A and i have been going to for evening jogs (with masks on of course) ^^



^^ have been cooking most of our meals lately, and it is slowly becoming my favorite thing to do during the day ^^


^^ what our date nights comprise of these days, childhood board games, which A secretly hates playing but is forced to ^^

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