life lately


life or should i say people have a sweet way of reminding me to keep blogging. every time i forget about the blog {which seems to happen a lot these days} i get a sweet email from an unknown admirer who’s been reading my posts or a 2 am message  from a best friend in new york asking me why I haven’t been blogging off late.

so here goes…..

  • with each passing year/month/day, i find my self enjoying the law {a.k.a. work} more and more. not sure if its because i have a great boss and team or its just something that comes with age or spending way TOO many hours in office.
  • i DONT like partying as much as i used to. in fact most days, i dont like getting out at all. i prefer my bed. oh and netflix.
  • my favorite thing to do these days is face timing with my niece leheir. i could stare at her all day even though she pretty much does nothing but eat, sleep and stare at nothingness.


  • i came across this pretty amazing article on resilience the other day. and i think every working human should read it atleast once. i’ve read it twice already.
  • i’m starting to develop a taste for coffee {with cinnamon}. its taken 28 long years, but its finally happened.
  • we got a mini bar for our room! and this awesome vintage ‘beers of the world’ tin sign to put above the bar. perks of marriage, i say. cant imagine my parents would have ever  been okay with it back when i lived with them.
  • i’m getting a vision board for my desk at work { even though that would equal to a lot of questions from the colleagues} i think vision boards work. the principle of secret and all that. i strongly recommend it to everybody.
  • we tried out this new japanese restaurant on saturday night. and i can’t stop raving about it. best mushroom hot pot rice with truffle miso butter i have ever had. just writing about it makes me drool.
  • my husband and i talk on the phone at least 16 times a day, while i’m at work. not sure if that’s normal. but it’s just how we roll.

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