little goals for 2014 {which i will try my hardest to accomplish}


i will try to get rid of my habit of biting nails. for real this time.

i will try to shop less and save more {because don’t the two go hand in hand?}

i will be kind to everyone, no matter what my mood at the time may be.

i will fall in love, make an effort to fall in love and it’s various connotations {i am aware of how corny this sounds, but it is most definitely going up in here. to add some public pressure if so be it.}

in 2014, i will try to learn how to cook. like amazingly well. not just ‘cook’ cook. more like a chef cook. you know what i  mean?

i will try to  learn more and read more. which includes reading newspapers. twice a week {because i’m not one to have completely unrealistic goals. so twice it is}

i will give up the use of the snooze switch on my mobile. and try to get up as soon as my alarm goes off.

i will try to spend a lot more time around babies and family. because they make me happy. and babies are so innocent. maybe it will rub off on me.

in 2014, i will try to let go of all my superficial habits and be more positive. and maybe practice some of the things in this article here.

and those are all i can think of for now. what about your goals?

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