London (Continued)

what i love doing almost as much as i like traveling to places is writing about my experiences of the travel after i’m back home. it’s like re-visiting all the fun moments in my mind. also – blog about these experiences because i always want to be able to look back at them and never forget all these moments

there are so many other places in london i loved so let’s take this forward…

Liverpool Street / Tower Bridge

we went to liverpool street often as we even took our train to colchestor (essex) A’s ex university from there. also on my birthday which we celebrated in London, adi took me to this Michelin star restaurant city social for lunch, which was right off the liverpool street underground station, and when we were visiting the tower bridge, we walked there from the liverpool street station – and that walk from the station to tower bridge made me want to live in london. we saw such beautiful restaurants, cafes, streets and just everything about the area made me want to live there.

tower bridge has some of the best views of london. there’s also a nice area with some good restaurants. we ate at ping pong because – we were in london and this was ping pong.  a few local friends also recommended the spitalfield market by the liverpool street – we didn’t get the chance this time – but maybe the next trip!








Regent Park

one of the other great things about london are its parks! they have one just about everywhere. it’s amazing to see such green cities. wish we could have more of these in mumbai. helps so much with the pollution.

regent park is definitely one of the most beautiful parks i’ve seen. it feels like a fairly land in some bits. the flowers. the trees and the squirrels running across. we walked there one morning after spending the whole night out. it was slightly awkward wearing our party clothes while others were in their sports wear. but we weren’t tired. and it was one of my favorite little moments of the trip with A alone.





King’s cross

before i visited london – king’s cross meant 9 3/4th for me. being a harry potter fan. but king’s cross is so much more. it’s one of london’s busiest stations. with connectivity to almost all the major cities in europe. it also has an office district at walking distance. we visited the google office and their rooftop terrace has some of the best private views of the city. it also has some great outdoor areas and bars. we tried getting into a few on friday night but since most of the bars were packed we did what we saw hoards of other youngsters doing – going to waitrose picking up beers / wine / cocktails and sitting on the floor below a beautiful arch, enjoying the views and the drinks. and i preferred it so much more than i would have going to a bar around!



so there were a lot of other places i liked and some not so much. 7 dials is a cute shopping area, carnaby street is also fun place to chill at for a night. lots of people recommended shoreditch which i did not manage to go to.  and then of course all the other touristy places you can’t miss when in london, being convent gardens, Leicester square, Piccadilly, Trafalgar square, notting hill {avoid going to the portobello street market on the weekends in summer – it is packed with people, even for mumbai standards ;)}, st. pauls cathedral, buckingham palace.

See that’s the thing about london – no matter how much you have covered there’s always so much more to see and do. i could spend an entire month there and still not cover all the recommendations we got from friends and relatives.  you need to keep coming back and discovering it some more.


^^ convent garden ^^








^^ notting hill and portobello road market ^^


^^ baker street ^^



^^ barbican ^^


^^ trafalgar square ^^


^^ st. pauls ^^


^^ carnaby street ^^

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