looking for some inspiration on a monday morning…

.. and came across this article on 10 little ways everyone can change the world.

spent most of my weekend lazing in bed. and it was a GOOD change.

but then gave in and went to villa 69 for dinner on sunday night and you must know that the mushroom steak there is to die for.

the sangria is a tad bit over priced though. be sure to ask your server it’s price before ordering it. It’s not covered on the menu and the servers come up with their own prices. one guy told us that it was 2000 a pitcher while another said it was for 3000! we ended up arguing a lot about it…but that right there was the most eventful bit of my weekend.

anyway…hope you had a more adventurous weekend than mine.

happy monday! xoxo

and on second thought…i’ll leave you with yet another inspiring picture..just because Mondays calls for extra inspiration.


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