love day (yes, i love how corny that sounds)

i am a very ‘valentine’s day person’. i love it as much as the next girl.

in fact my mum and me gift each other some sort of surprise things on valentines day every year. okay actually we started only 2 years. but we’re going to keep at it.

last year she gave me a wallet (which i never ended up using. sorry mum) and roses. i took her to lunch (not much of a gift that i think about it)

this year on v – day, karishma and i have decided to go for this anti – valentine day bar hop bash …just because .. we don’t have valentines this year (okay maybe she does. i have no idea why she’s even coming with me to this one)

its organised by covalence. i love their website and concept. go check it out.

you should register too.

it starts in colaba and then they take us to other places. they still haven’t revealed the location to us. they say they’d tell us only 24 hours prior. also they have fun things for us to do at each place. how fun.

the dress code is black or white.

what are your plans this v – day??





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