make me smile. a lot.


things that make me smile:

* listening to music while working. i’m not sure if that’s universal. but i love it, also the partners don’t seem to mind. at all. or so i think.

* this post. love it. a beautiful love story. and natalie is one of the reasons why i started blogging in the first place {i speak of her as if she’s a friend. how stalker-ish of me}

* friends keeping in touch even when they are far away.

* this new cook we have, who might be the best there is in town. i could swear. he’s even up for a challenge if any one would like to contest.

* gym. working out. sweating. and also that my gym is just a minute’s walk away from home.

* planning a vacation. which you may not even end up going for. but just planning one is fun enough.

* dogs. i have this sudden urge to get one. a lhasa. or an english bulldog. or a pug. i love them all.

* long weekends. short weeks.

* fridays.

specially today’s kind of friday.

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