Maybe … I decided to stay off fried food till turkey but had french fries for breakfast this morning.

Maybe … I complain too much about work but secretly love it and get bored on days when I don’t have any.

Maybe I secretly wish I could pull off red lipstick.

Maybe … I wish my brother leaves his awesome job in d.c. so that he can come back to mumbai and live with us.

Maybe  … I’m slightly obsessed with master chef and have secretly always wanted to have a career being a professional chef.

Maybe … I’m aware that I shop much more than I should but do it anyway.

Maybe … I spend more time on pinterest than I should.

Maybe … i dint gym all last week because I was lazy.

Maybe … I secretly wish my dad hadn’t bought me all those chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies from his trip even though I asked him to coz now I’ll eat just have to eat them.


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  1. Jinal
    November 7, 2012 at 11:09 am ·

    hahaha so true!

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