it has been a pretty long break. but wordpress was hacked and i can be pretty technologically challenged. had no way how to get through. finally my brother figured it out.

so while i was away – not blogging – my  office took us to parwanoo for our annual offsite. parwanoo is literally 3 hours away from mumbai. we took a flight to chandigarh after which it was an hour’s drive ( and a very steep ropeway) to parwanoo.

we stayed at the moksh himalyan spa resort.

it is such a beautiful place. perfectly calm and serene. i loved every minute of it except of course for the educational conferences ;)oh and dancing with my bosses at the cocktail night. is it just me or is that way awkward?

not that im complaining. i would swap four days of work for this offsites any time.

oh and have i mentioned that i love my job?




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