monday lunches

i’m aware that i have mentioned this before somewhere in this blog but…

making lunch plans with friends on monday is the best way to beat monday morning blues. try it out and you’ll know what i say is right.

today we went to cafe zoe. and i think we might have had our best monday lunch ever.we had the pesto tomato mozzarella bagel, fluffy omelete and pancakes. because we like having breakfast food during lunch too ;) and finished it off with chocolate brownies. the newyorker brownies from last night that i packed for me to take to work today.

and since i’ve been down lately i was even gifted a perfume . . . and everyone knows of my chanel obsession. it’s no bag but it’s always the thought that counts right? it made me realize that I can’t even begin to count the number of times each of my friends have contributed to my happiness with their little gestures. . just thinking about it makes me teary happy.

so here’s a new thought ….. bagel lunches? nah … instead it’s spending time with amazing thoughtful people that get’s us through the “monday’s” of our life.

and im so grateful that i’m surrounded by SO many of them.

happy week!



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