movie night + a really quick dinner at mai tai

on saturday after work surabhi and I went to mai tai for a quick snack/ dinner {??} before our 7 o clock the great gatsby show.

the movie was very slow. BUT surabhi is the funnest {is that word?} movie companion ever. i swear we laughed so hard i think at some point someone may have complained to the manager. let’s just say we left during the interval…

i’m gona miss this girl SO much when she leaves for business school in new york this summer. she’s probably the smartest, coolest person i’ve come across… and she always¬† asks me for “the one thing i really want right now” every time she plans to go to the temple so she can pray for me because she read somewhere that when someone else prays for you it always comes true.. isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve heard?<3

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