a large group of us {can you even spot me?} spent the long weekend at murbad, which is a small village about a three hour drive away from mumbai.

we stayed at a friends house which was right by the lake.

and spent three whole days without any net connection or network even {!} which was a first for me.

it was a different kind of experience. but a good kind of different. we should all try disconnecting from the outside world once in a while. it’s surprsingly relaxing.

so with ALL the free time that we had {i mean we DO spend 80% of our day on phones don’t we !??! i think i maybe guilty of doing that} we played cards, boards games, ate great food c/o the little food company {if you haven’t checked them out already you’re really missing out} and relaxed by the lake.

it was a good time ! now back to work xoxo

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