my dad

the other day it was 26th November and i was sitting with my mum in my parent’s room watching t.v. after work when my dad came walked in from work.

it was around 11 and he was tired and as soon as he walked into his room and saw me and mum sitting on his bed watching t.v. his face lit up.

he said to me that he still remembered how five years ago this day was one of his favorite days.

it was the day of the mumbai terror attacks. and although he was mourning with the rest of our city he said it was the only time in the past decade during which i spent that SO much time with him. just me and him. we sat in bed for three days in a row. i was literally clinging on to him the whole time. scared. watching the news waiting to see how it all ended. he was so grateful i was with him on his bed safe and sound instead of the taj or oberoi. and that he said was one his favorite days.

that’s my dad for you. he’s a family man. he’d do anything for us. and we are pretty much the source of all his happiness

that’s my favorite quality about him.

i love him and being born in december might have a little to do with the fact that december is my favorite time of the year ;)

and now to end this post with a very cool picture of my dad


he’s cool like that…

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