my source of food during the (not so interesting) weekdays and reason #1099 why i love this city



for the lack of having any thing better to write about, since i have pretty much not done anything remotely interesting the past few days (unless you count being holed up in my desk 12 hours straight drafting labour law opinions as interesting) ……..

……..  i’m going to blog about sardesai sandwich corner {i won’t deny that i got wierd looks from the stall owners when i took this pic. you would think they had confused me with some BMC official. go figure}

and… you cannot laugh until you have tried their samosas.

which i admit – am guilty of eating on more than 10 occassions (wait who am i kidding. make that 101)

and i have their sandwiches every other day. because when you work in parel,  other than akshaya family restaurant and permit room there is pretty much no other restaurant in sight for miles.

with the sole exception of 7 spice (don’t confuse it for any branch of 5 spice.. it’s just a spoof or something).


^^ so i had this today. incase any one was wondering ^^ 


^^and it took every bit of my will power to not have one of these^^


^^and this….. maybe one of these days when i’m particularly adventurous^^

how i love mumbai street food. and how innovative it can be <3


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