New Delhi

went to delhi for the weekend. to tell you the truth i haven’t been to the capital city in almost a decade and had been looking forward to visit it for a while now. specially considering most of my colleagues are from in and around delhi and our lunch tables conversations are all about how the street food in delhi is SO much better than the food here in mumbai.

sadly we did not get to eat the street food at all (which i was very unhappy about but that’s a story for a different day) however we did check out a few good places.

the flying saucer cafe, benihana, jawaharlal nehru stadium (for the pinkathon!) and finally the indijoe at ambience mall in gurgaon.

also..i ran a marathon! in support of breast cancer awareness.

and even though getting up at 4.30 am was not my favorite part of the weekend, the marathon turned out to be surprisingly fun. the energy of the 7000 strong female crowd, all dancing (or  zumba-ing) to bollywood music at 5 am, was just crazy.

i definitely need to visit this city again, even if it’s just for the momos and the parathas you get on the streets. i will see you soon delhi!

and now for the pictures…





^^ at benihana, having the lettuce wraps, teppenyaki and the watermelon mojitos^^



^^ the pinkathon. an all women marathon in support of breast cancer awareness. it takes place all over the country and will be held in mumbai in december. read up and sign up!


^^ met up with a few friends in gurgaon, before catching the flight back to mumbai ^^

and now need to get back to work… happy monday! xoxo

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