not all those who wander are lost


traveling – even though it might be just for a week of 5 days even – gives us a lot of perspective.

so often, we {and i mean ‘me’} are caught up in our comfort zones. our daily routine.

breaking away from it and stepping out of your comfort zone teaches you so much about your self, your goals and your life in general.

traveling to europe this month really changed me {as cliched as this may really did!}.

more so because i was traveling with colleagues i wasn’t AS close to or who i didn’t hang with ‘outside of work’

my trip gave me a lot of ‘me-time’ to think about things. time to think about where my life is and where i would want it to be a few years down the line.

i felt this time away helped me grow {even if just a tiny bit}and has made me SO much calmer. OH – and more SOCIAL {nothing makes you more a-social than too many hours at work, don’t you agree?}

i’ve come back so much more confident about the things i want from my life – at least for the next two years.

ALSO i’m making it my goal to travel more often. travel as much as i can.

what i missed out on ‘studying away from home’ -  i am going to make up by traveling as much as life permits me to!

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