notice period perks


i’m new to this whole thing. having worked at one place my whole life – or so it seems.

quitting was one of the hardest things i’ve had to do. i spend more time here than i do at home. and more time with my colleagues than i do with my family.

there were even tears at some moment.

but NOTICE PERIOD. man it has its perks. if only someone had told me earlier {just kidding;)}

going to list down just a few here…

1) time to BLOG more often. lets just say i have enough time to blog twice a day though sadly, just not enough content

2) It’s just like how work used to be MINUS the stress and minus the work ;). stress wasn’t working too well for A and I.

3) you’re still getting PAID. and boy do i need it the MOST now with so many wedding expenses.

4) mid – work lunches!

5) 5 pm cookie runs to sweetish house mafia… and no one even notices {!}

6) spending those last few weeks with your colleagues. i’m going to MISS them {no i’m not being sarcastic}

7) oh and last but not the least -  GAME OF THRONES. i’ve finally got down to watching it. never had the time to earlier. and now i FINALLY get what the craze was all about.

okay i’m going to stop here before someone from work reads this and i get fired {is it possible to get “fired” while serving notice period? i’m not sure about that. come back to me if you do know}


{#throwback to one of my very favorite moments with work colleagues at brussels, belgium}


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