last week has been all about traveling. have visited six different cities and two countries in all of 6 days.

and had the time of my life.

the first place we visited was Oberaudorf which is on the border between austria and germany.

oberaudorf is probably one of the most non- commercial cities i have visited yet. it lies on the foothills of the bavarian alps.  and is SO untouched, calm and breathtakingly beautiful. it almost made me want to pack my bags and shift base. and i always thought i was a city girl :/ well that’s changed.

we stayed at this beautiful hotel.which by the way is recommended to ALL. if you do happen to visit this place. because really. the chances of that after seeing this post are real high.








^^ how great is this place? now that am back i feel like its my duty to talk to about it with as many people as i can so that they can all visit and experience this beauty.^^

and now for the food part of this blog…. because no post is complete without food right?


^^ we tried, okay i tried. {everyone else had already eaten it before} the chicken/ veal schnitzel with roasted potatoes and sauerkraut salad. it was probably the most delicious meals of the trip also lesson to learn:  i NEED to start experimenting more. with my cuisines and even my meat. someone isn’t very happy about my almost-vegetarian habits. hope to change that soon ^^



^^ a special shout out to this amazing restaurant Bernhard’s, in oberaudorf, where we had the best meal we’ve ever eaten. no really. yet. my friends ate the steak while i had the stuffed ravioli with pumpkin sauce with pumpkin seeds for garnish. the desert, creme brulee {seen here with raspberry sorbet}, is one of the best in the world {atleast according to a friend who is more of a foodie than i am} i’d take his word for it if i was you.^^

while we were in germany, we got to meet some great people. a few work colleagues took us around town, showed us places to eat, shop and sightsee and even showed us where and how they live. isn’t that the most interesting part about traveling? to see and learn how others in different countries live and do every day? well for me it is.

one house we visited in particular, which was in a small town close to oberaudorf really blew my mind.



IMG_20140929_134334^^ did you notice how they have a view of the alps from their dinning table?!!!!! i mean who knew such houses actually exist?^

i think it may have played a major role in me wanting to pack my bags and shift base to the country side.

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