office bonds and then some madras cafe..

over the past two and a half years i have grown to like office a lot{i won’t use the word love yet}

at first it was hard for me to be friends with my colleagues. sub-consciously we tend to be more competitive or just more cautious {if, like me, you aren’t a very competitive person}

but as time passes by you realise that start to look out for your colleagues in front of your boss and they aren’t your colleagues as much they are your friends. they know all your likes, dislikes, your love stories, family stories and just about everything about you. they give you advice and help you out when you need them to and not just in work related matters.

a few of my colleagues are leaving office this month. for good. some are getting married and some are pursuing higher studies abroad. we’ve had 5 people leaving in the past 5 months {a record of some kind!}

i’m going to miss them. i mean i do spend more time here then i do at home {if you dont count the night when you are usually sleeping}

so last night few of us went for dinner to madras cafe. so here are some food pics. i’ve realised my blog isn’t as food related as it used to be. but i’m still every bit the foodie i used to be.

so here’s to bringing back the food love!

p.s. we loved the idli butter pudi and the tuppa dosa. they were both so good. we finished them in seconds.

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