i’ve been wanting to go to oktoberfest ever since i posted this. and it was on the list of things to do before you die.

+ my sister went there a few years ago and told me i had to go there and experience it once in my life.

it was everything i had imagined it to be and more.

it was like all of munich was celebrating on the streets. with alcohol. we reached munich at 11 am and the streets were packed with teenagers mostly all drinking beer and wine that early in the morning. the taxi driver told us about how they start as early as 5 am! he dint seem too happy about it. i on the other hand absolutely loved the vibe.

since we had only a day in munich, oktoberfest is all i got to see. but its 4 train stations wide and had 1 million people attending on the first day itself. so it wasn’t so bad at all…..




^^ did you know oktoberfest has such killer rides? i dint. everyone who goes to oktoberfest is always putting up pictures of the tents. and the beer. no one ever puts up the ride pictures. we dint sit on any though. not so much because of the one hour queues but more because i was scared to sit on them and wouldn’t let any one else go either.^^


^^ the oktoberfest tents. to be very honest, we dint get into any of the big tents. we tried to, but they said it was full. in our defense we got there really late {people stand on queues for hours starting as early as 5 am} and the weather was really good that day. so there were more people than usual. so we managed to get into a small one. and were mandatorily required to order food with our beer. did i mention that the whole thing was overpriced??^^




^^ us! ^^


^^ and these are some men passed out on the streets. picture taken without their approval. ;)^^

all in all we had the most fun time. i am super grateful to be surrounded by such beautiful people in my life. both inside and out. sometimes i need to pinch myself. almost.. looking back i think about how all my favorite moments of the trip were when people went out of their way for me and surprised me with their niceness. i’m blessed to have them in my life. :)

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